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Experiture has posted millions of leads into CRMs for thousands of clients


Using Experiture’s dynamic integration, leads are instantly posted (or “pushed”) directly into your CRM.


Our bi-directional integration allows for the push and pull of data in a fully synchronized manner.


Our APIs allow developers to quickly and easily link Experiture with any existing CRMs or systems.


Pull in data or trigger an action in Experiture from virtually any source using CPOs (Custom Program Objects).

Using our Open APIs and Web Services, we’ve integrated with over 300 CRMs

Our deep integrations with all major industry CRMs and systems allows us to offer capabilities no other partner can, while allowing us to get your campaigns up and running in a fraction of the time of other providers.

Tired of not getting ROI from your direct mail program?

Maybe it’s time to try a coordinated omnichannel approach — which can boost overall response rates between 75-100% — sometimes as high as 200%.