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A single interface to access all of your key omnichannel metrics, on demand


Measure the effectiveness of every marketing initiative and identify which campaigns, channels, and messages deliver the highest impact.


Isolate and view the performance of individual marketing channels within Experiture’s intuitive reporting and analytics interface.


Using our charts and funnel diagrams, Experiture makes it easy to visualize how customers are interacting with each of your marketing messages.

One dashboard, total attribution across all channels

Experiture delivers powerful cross-channel reporting across all of your campaigns. Plus, our unified reporting dashboard gives you visibility over total campaign performance, and real-time engagement metrics down to the individual level. With so much data at your fingertips, Experiture makes campaign measurement and optimization easier than ever before!

Tired of not getting ROI from your direct mail program?

Maybe it’s time to try a coordinated omnichannel approach — which can boost overall response rates between 75-100% — sometimes as high as 200%.